Bad For Business

by Teleport

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"Bad for Business is an immaculate creation filled with dynamic and intelligent compositions, superb performances and, yeah, a whole lotta blue-eyed soul. " -Seven Days


released November 29, 2012

All songs written and performed by Teleport:

Mike Wheeler - Vocals, Keyboards
Sean Martin - Bass, Vocals
Adam Fuller - Guitars
Kevin Bell - Drums

Guest Vocals on "Latino Freeze" performed by Carolyn Wesley

Produced and Recorded by Don Zeno Productions

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Mike Wheeler



all rights reserved


Teleport Barre, Vermont

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Track Name: Deal

She's in a place
Some distant shore somehow
But I see her face - so much more than I imagined
Even in that space
I made you a sacred cow
Gold in your eyes - play me forever in my mind

I'm bought and sold, I'm bought and sold
So make yourself for real, just make yourself a deal
I am bought and sold, I'm bought and sold
So make yourself for real, just make yourself deal

Select and erase
When faced with an evening gown
And I'll stick around at the party you're pretending
No grace in saving face
And no time to play it down
The price you will pay only multiplies tomorrow
Track Name: Cellar Built For Cells
Cellar Built for Cells

A killer evening for show downs, stars shown down through an opening sky
After the lines were set, the ground was wet but the tents held their flagging high
Seven came to the party, each one towing a dream of their own
The capital was raised, but the deals we made fell apart when we let it flow

She's got a lot to learn but she's catching on somehow
We came to watch her burn but it's all around us now
She's got a lot to learn but she's catching on somehow
We're underwater but we're burning hot right now

Verse 2:
Called Alanzo at Beat St, when that young man said he'd pack me in snow
His souveniers were saved for the most depraved and the ones who never let it show
Across the street it was daylight, it felt so good to be back on my own
With all the money spent, and none for rent it was high time to use the phone

Verse 3:
She's got too many lapdogs, too much time spent testing the weight
Of every kite you stitch, and she'll make you fix all the crosses to clean your slate
Now her cupboards are empty, the bitch still wages peace like a war
A cellar built for cells, or a wishing well make for hard dungeons to explore
Track Name: Anybody In There
Anybody in There

I heard you had a job to deliver
Heard you had a role to fill
A girl like that found in the river
Some of us remember still
Baut that was one time
A man like you could put this all behind
I heard you had a job to do

Is anybody in there, yeah
Is you life so completely mad?
You'd rather see the world you write
Than writing words that won't see light
For just an instant, yeah
Is your heart so completely sad?
With all the love through time and space
You're burning things you can't replace

VSE 2:
Spreading out that cash on the mirror
Sounding like you made a deal
The sum of it gone to the cleaners
Came out looking like it's done for real
But somehow it feels wrong
Tonight is set aside for grooving on
Spreading out that cash
Track Name: Nothing In My Head
Nothing in My Head

Verse 1:
There's nothing in my head right now
Nothing in my head
And it's easy to admit right now, ooh
With everyone around me dead

I gotta let her know somehow
I gotta make her see
She always had thing, somehow, ooh
She always had a thing for me

I'd ask you not to wait till we're in the red
But I could understand how you'd be misled
I'd rather be inspired by what she said
Than analyze the drooling of a figurehead
But when I look at her i can see all of my years
Right until the tank goes empty
And I know what I want in a girl
The most beautiful sound in the world

Verse 2:
It's something of gem I'm sure
But you're not the type to brag
When you think your words are lost on her, ooh
Hold it like you never have

There's nothing in my head right now
Nothing in my head
And it's easy to admit right now, ooh
With everyone around me dead
Track Name: Latino Freeze
Latino Freeze

Gator parties ripe with the promise of a bite
Coordinate your feet in the slippers of night
Even those who know't they're talking about
Did not forsee this girl turning out
Man or beast they stop when the colors are right

Vigilantes drip with the rhythmic sound
Of so many cats letting loose underground
Pick-up pits and dive lingerie
Reportedly they're making it pay
You'll always improve don't forgot how to lose on the way

Tell yourself that you're not gonna lose it
You'll never get the boat higher without
Find a lady who knows how to use it - there's no doubt

Dressing up the walls only messes up the halls
When the bottom drops and your stomach free falls
Do you think it's worth the price that you got
When you consider what you've been saving up
Motivation comes when the money train stal ls

See the teenage swing with the hipster gaze
A kind of joke approval is all he parlays
Just figure out whats not on his mind
It's a type of style for leading the blind
Disaster ensues when the whole thing unscrews its the least you can do just to get away
Track Name: Lut Gohlein
Lut Gohlein

She had a helmet on I guess I should have known
Had a ship chart a straight course to take her home
In her orbit the satellites never compare
I wander out on a layer of frozen
Do the math on my dream's erosion
She's in the future spelling out a message for me

Dear wanderer I fly for thee
I know its hard for you to see
I know you'll never fly for me
But you won't stop thinking if you don't stop thinking now

Verse 2:
Now - get set for a great vacation
Pack a comb and some green carnations
Stretch it out for a month to see what we mean
Light a fire on the beach of boredom
Keep holding out for that stone of jordan
In the past you remember what the present can be
Track Name: All Of That Stuff
All of that Stuff

Wrote you a story, but took it too far like you always say
We're in an airplane, it only flies backwards to yesterday

Cried out a rainstorm, the winds were as high as they ever blow
Lean a little closer, if you don't hear them you'll never know

Step through to sunlight, and you disappear from my brave display
You walk the shadows, the back of my mind like an alley way

Our minds are racing, for some way to spring from this burial
So quick replacing, it's been so convienient to let them dull

And you're tied to a string of those days gone by
And all of that stuff, surely wouldn't matter in the end

You had a fever, but left it too long for my love to heal
And that cloud surrounds me, choking out years of my heart's appeal

These might be wordy, lyrics in self-referential glaze
But we felt so sturdy, I never had time to see through the haze
Track Name: Bad For Business
Bad For Business

I saw the end of innocence
Run over by the bus of honesty and present tense
And we laugh about it all the time, but it's harder to go
I heard him grumble as he went
And swear to stow away inside of me as ignorance
So my time is just a blissful drive, now that he runs the show

We could always keep it light
At least we felt alright
Just until the day arrived
At least you know I tried
But for all you know I'm bad for business

I lost my sensitivity
For solitude and silence to increase my sanity
Now I'm tethered by a T-X-T and I won't miss your call
Your place is crystally clear
The entrance to your chamber, bells are ringing in my ear
You're the answer in my tv screen, you're my glyph on the wall